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Monday, April 27, 2009


Donna Mitchell.jpg
60s model Donna Mitchell's face was made for cosmetics...those eyelids, those lips!

Here's what makeup artist Corey Tippen had to say about her when I first posted about Donna on :

"Relevant , Legendary , Influential , her work with Bob Richardson is the distilled essence of 1960’s sophistication and mystery . She “acted” in photographs rather that “modeled” . And the hands! Look at the hands!
How we all marvelled at the grace of it all ! She had many imitators at the time . Winkie Donovan , Inga Marie Johanson and Maria Badot all had careers that gave more than just a nod to the style of La Mitchell. A true bohemian with principals , she was as comfortable in Max’s as in Maxim’s . Those are the lucky ones indeed that she accepts as her acting pupils today . Of course Steven Meisel continues to use her for the appropriate shoot . We just can’t get enough of her." Corey says it so well, and I agree whole heartedly!
Photo by Hiro.

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