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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Mostly known for her work with REVLON, Evelyn worked for just about everyone in the world of beauty. Such a classic face. I saw a snapshot of her recently and she still looked as beautiful as ever.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Prabal Gurung - "beauty is much more then skin deep"

The Nepalese-American designer, who has dressed fashion elite like Michelle Obama and Diane Kruger, says he found his inspiration for his opulent new MAC collaboration from someone near and dear to his heart – his mother. “My first foray into fashion was through beauty, I would watch my mother put on her makeup, not understanding what it was but being mesmerized by the beauty of it.” Gurung’s limited-edition line features 14 products in total, and they are truly mesmerizing. There are three lipsticks – Light, English Red, Carmine Rouge and Ultramarine Pink, three ‘lipglasses’ in the same shades, and beautiful eyeshadow and blush compacts in luxuriously decadent, gilt compacts in rich, saturated hues of gold, coral, and grey. “I wanted the packaging to do the speaking,” he said, adding that he wants anyone pulling out a lipstick or powder at the end of the night to feel good about their makeup. “That’s extremely important for me, I think whatever we do, beauty fashion or art should be able to inspire in a big – or small – way,” he said.

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