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Friday, August 21, 2015


Thierry Mugler Lip Lacker, Bleu Effect Plexigloss, “Liquid Crystal Hologram” Blue Effect Plexigloss Lip Lacker is very a lightweight and moisturizing gloss without any stickiness, and reminds one of liquid opals. When used as a top coat over a darker colour, the effect can be intense and multidimensional. The lipgloss has a mild honey-flower fragrance, but no taste. The other two glosses from the collection—the Reflection Effects in Pink and Coral have more shimmer and a holographic quality.

Thierry Mugler Vinyl Gloss for Lashes, “A new beauty ritual for vinyl shine” Vinyl Gloss for Lashes is a lightweight, very liquid formula that is meant to be painted on the lashes and layered. It provides delicate coverage with nice lengthening and the liquid formula long lasting and very black.

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