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Friday, March 12, 2010


So this was the very first cover I ever had in the 70s. I not only did the hair and makeup but I came up with the concept, cast the model and even bought the flowers.

Vintage Vogue

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Steve LaPorte designs the Port-a Case & the Face Maker Series

Throughout Steve LaPorte's career he has always found ways to condense his working materials into simple “on the go” containers & kits. As Steve worked on “Lost” over the past 6 years, traveling light & being prepared without lugging around a huge kit became a necessity. He also wanted to make life easier for his fellow crew members.
As a result, after 2 years of trials & prototypes Steve developed an over the shoulder utility bag that's called, the Port-a-Case, designed for Makeup, Hair, Wardrobe, Props & any on the go craft or service professional.

Steve also developed a line of small, themed, makeup kits called “Pocket Pallets”. As part of his “FaceMaker Series”, these are highly pigmented crème based cosmetic collections which include: “Frekyll-n-Hide”, “Clown Alley”, “Here-After” & “Actors’ Alley”.

These pallets combine all the colors needed for Cover-ups, Character, Age, Distressing, Vampires, Zombies, Corpses, Circus Clowns & Face Painting. Once set with powder, the makeups are more durable than water based colors, apply & blend easier and are sweat & water resistant.

Under his new company, Freeform Creations, Inc. his “Port-a-Case” line is ever expanding to a larger line of Cases, Bags & Pouches while the “FaceMaker Series” will focus on the education & organized use of cosmetics for the professional as well as theatrical and special occasion markets.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Catherine Roberts photographed by Gordon Munro

I did the makeup and styling for this photo test in the 70s.

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