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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Diamonds (and Grace Jones) Are Forever

Diamonds are forever Grace Jones by Gordon munro.jpg
Grace Jones eats diamonds by Harry Winston for breakfast.
Photograph by Gordon Munro.

I first met Grace at Le Club Sept in Paris. Upon my arrival to the club I ran into my friend the very beautiful model Danielle Guerra. I was just headed downstairs to the bar and dance area when Dani grabbed me and said "Quick...stay with me, Grace is after me!"

Our next meeting was when I designed the makeup for TER ET BANTINE's Spring-Summer show and Ms Jones was one of the models. (Shown in photo above with designer Azzedine Alaia)

It wasn't until some time later that I went to see Grace Jones starring at the WHISKEY A'GO GO on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. She opened the show in a hooded satin robe with the hood pulled low over her face so all that showed were her full lips as her deep voice sang into the microphone the beginning of her current disco hit, "La Vie En Rose". Tossing off the robe to reveal herself in full boxer gear with her hands taped and everything, hair short and square, dancing around taking jabs and shadow boxing as if doing a boxers workout. The crowd went wild!

Next the darkened stage slowly came to light only to discover Grace inside a cage on all fours clawing and snarling like a black Panther, escaping from the cage into the audience. Singing "I Need A Man" as she literally clawed at the crowd...afterwards I noticed she drew blood by scratching my hand. Was it pay back for protecting Danielle years before? Who cares, I was clawed by Grace Jones!

It was an electric performance and so exciting, I have to admit, I'm not sure now which song she sang with what costume. I can only tell you that I imagine it couldn't have been any more exciting then when Josephine Baker took Paris by storm in the 1920s.

The thrill of it all will never leave my memory. The Amazing Grace Jones.

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