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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Halle Berry on May Harper's Bazaar Cover

Halle Berry is such a beautiful woman, one has to wonder why Bazaar would want this photo of her on their newsstand issue. Someone needs to explain to me the reason to obviously play down the glamour for the cover? Just look at her hair, and I hate to point out the baggage under her eyes.

Also I wonder why Ms. Berry feels the need to keep changing her hair style? Now she's a blonde, does she or her 'people' think she needs to keep reinventing herself to keep her fans interested? For my money Halle has never looked more beautiful then when she wore her hair super short. It's as if that style was made for her and really brought out her features. All of the other styles she has tried since then seem to overpower her face and just make her look very ordinary. Plus this new hair color washes her out.

The subscription issue below at least ups the glam quotient, although in a rather retro way. So there must be some editorial logic that tells them a clean modern glamorous cover just alienates buyers on the news stand, that I just don't get. Because I know the cover choice is studied and given great care before being printed, right down to the retouching and cover lines.

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