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Friday, March 21, 2014


And if you suffer from acne or excess oil, listen up – many of these finds actually have activated charcoal powder as in an ingredient, which zaps oil and leaves skin smooth and matte. Plus, it’s known to remove toxins.

Julep’s Konjac Cleansing Sponge ($12) leaves skin squeaky clean without abrasive exfoliation. A natural way to remove dead skin cells, it’s made from the root of a Japanese Konjac plant. Keep in the shower and use it every other day with cleanser.

Sometimes nothing’s better than an old-fashioned bar of soap. LUSH Coalface ($14) is a brick made from powdered charcoal. It’s perfect for washing your face in the shower, especially for oily skin.

The best part of Julep’s Mask Noir ($32) is peeling it off when you’re done. The sticky black mess comes off in one sheet and leaves skin firm and clear. Black volcanic ash in the mask reduces inflammation.

The only thing charcoal about Adovia Dead Sea Mud Soap ($10) is its color, but this wonder-working soap uses dead sea mud instead to nix dirt and treat acne. Use it on your entire body.

LUSH Dark Angels ($13 and up) is an exfoliating cleanser made of charcoal and black sugar, perfect for people who suffer from acne. It mattifies and smooths oily skin.

Boscia’s Revitalizing Black Hydrating Gel ($38) is a light, cooling moisturizer that brightens skin and minimizes pores. Charcoal soaks up oil, while the gel consistency is ideal for summer.

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