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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Makeup Artist Kristofer Buckle on Christina Aguilera...

Red lip perfected: "I use NARS Jungle Red lip liner," says Buckle. "I love that red. It's a good texture so you get a nice sharp edge. Red is so tricky because it can be messy and it can bleed. I use a product called LipSense and the color I have used on Christina is called Blu-Red. It's literally like car paint. It's liquid so you apply it with a wand and it goes on like paint and it doesn't have any drag to it, so it creates this perfectly gorgeous doll mouth. It dries completely with no moisture to it and then you apply a topcoat with just moisture. It doesn't move."

Beauty must-haves: "I pretty much put a lash on every single person who sits in the chair for me," he says. "There's not an option. Someone's getting an individual lash or a band lash. There's some sort of lash getting on somebody."

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