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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Robert Isabell dead of natural causes

I was shocked to read on Page 6 that party planner supreme and home fragrance designer Robert Isabell died of a heart attack at the age of 57 in his New York townhouse last week.

I had a fantasy dream of Robert designing my wedding reception someday ( marriage another fantasy dream of mine). Learn more about his amazing career here by reading Tina Brown's memory of Mr. Isabell.

"A Duluth, Minn. native, Robert Isabell started working part-time for a florist as a wee elementary schooler. In 1978, he arrived in New York on the night before Halloween; while wandering the streets, he walked by Studio 54 when all of a sudden the club's legendary co-owner, Steve Rubell, grabbed him and pulled him inside. Isabell eventually became Studio 54's floral designer and later handled arrangements for Rubell and partner Ian Schrager's club Palladium. He opened his own floral design business, Robert Isabell, Inc., in 1980."

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