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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Macy's "the largest department store in the world" asked me to create the hair and makeup for a new ad they were shooting. And I was especially excited because the model was to be Jerry Hall.

The industry was abuzz with the story that Jerry had been discovered in Paris while on vacation from Texas by the amazing fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez. She was said to be ultra sexy... six feet tall with waist length blond hair. I couldn't wait to work with her. (Antonio & Jerry photo by Norman Parkinson)

She arrived at the location in the dead of winter wearing a fur cocoon type coat over a short dress with pink marabou trimmed bedroom the snow! And she spoke with a Texas drawl so thick you could cut it with a knife. I loved her! The photo shoot went great and when we were finished I escorted her through the snow to her waiting car. As I helped her inside I complemented the wrist watch she was wearing. It was gold with a dark blue watch face surrounded by diamonds. She replied "Why thank you. Antonio gave it to me and there are 18 diamonds, one for each year I was born."

We worked together fairly often after that. I learned that she wanted me to do her makeup a certain way...a shiny gold shadow on her eyelid with dark eyeliner and false eyelashes on the outside of the top lid only. And of course with that long hair there wasn't all that much you could do with it, thankfully Jerry really knew how to work that mane of hers.

She preferred to be the star and was often accused of upstaging the other models. Particularly when she had to pose with girl's in what is called a double or triple shot. She would drape her long locks over her arm as she held it up behind her head and many times that would block the other girls face...or at least make her struggle to work around it.

Jerry was very much in demand all over the world as a model and as a party girl. She fell in love with singer Bryan Ferry after posing as a mermaid for the cover of his album "Siren".

But it wasn't long before the gossip media carried the story that she was breaking off her engagement to the Roxy Music crooner to go off and live with Mick Jagger...who she eventually married. It was for the best...if she had wed Bryan her married name would have been Jerry Ferry. Jerry Jagger has a better ring to it...don't you think?

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