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Friday, April 10, 2009

Tyra can you say rhinoplasty?

Tyra Banks is not only a beautiful and talented super model, television personality, executive producer, and mega entrepreneur.

She is also a woman that likes to expose the myths behind the industry and about herself as well. Like the time she had a breast exam and x-ray by a doctor on her talk show to prove that she did not have implants.

Or when she wore a bathing suit on air and talked about her weight gain since retiring from modeling. That's why I've wondered for some time why she has not mentioned the surgery she had to refine her nose early in her career. I mean she will remove all her makeup on TV to show how cosmetics transform her face, why leave the nose job details out?

Lord knows she is not the first or the last beauty to alter the shape of her schnoz. Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson did it. Both Mariah Carey and Hallie Berry did it. Hell, even Marilyn Monroe had a little work done to shorten her beak. No biggie...well not any more.
We love you Tyra. You know it...weave and all. So don't be afraid to come out of the closet on this subject. I'm sure there are a lot of young girls your honesty will empower. Cause you're as fierce as the lion tamer you were named after.

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