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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Shih Tzu Knot

"TOPKNOTS, the sleek up-dos of Shih Tzus and sumo wrestlers, have become a hot hairstyle among off-duty models. During the fashion shows earlier this year, quite a few women were spotted sporting the look, a kind of cool girl’s take on the informal ponytail."

"At Christian Lacroix, there were tight braids interspersed throughout; at Erdem, the upsweep was a bit softer. And for Yves Saint Laurent (near left), the hairstylist Julien d’Ys took topknots from really adorable to striking by wrapping a swatch of black leather around the bun. “It’s a very elegant look, It’s in the same mood as a French twist. It makes a woman look very beautiful.” said Mr. d’Ys."

The New York Times first shows us how model girls are putting their hair up into casual topknots and then how that translates into fashion runway hairstyles. And it's hard to tell which is which picture. In fact it looks as if the dog groomer is the one that spent the most time and effort on the hair.

So the difference between what you might do yourself very quickly to just get out of the house, and what a top hairstylist would charge you big money for at a salon, is a VERY thin line. I really don't get it but...I do like the idea of wrapping the knot with leather.

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