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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Maura The Face of Clinique 1977


Clinique was a very visible and popular cosmetic line in the 1970s. It was the first of the hypo-allergenic lines. I thought these photos of model Maura shot by Victor Skrebneski were particularly beautiful.
I had the pleasure of making up Maura several times. I believe the first time was with the fantastic British photographer Barry Lategan. Maura has a different kind of look, a rather angular face with those amazing eyes, that made her a stand out among the other models of the day.
Clinique is still a very popular line today from Estee Lauder, they just don't advertise quite as much as they did back then. Mostly you see their wonderful still life product shots but not so much an identifiable face connected with the line like Maura.

I love this later short haired look photographed by Rico Puhlmann (top) and Stan Malinowski. I think Maura worked for Clinique for 14 years or so. I have asked her to share some of her thoughts regarding that job and for her comment coming soon. We have become friends on Facebook and she is still as lovely as ever.

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