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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Margaux Hemingway

Super model/actress Margaux Hemingway made a huge splash when she came to New York from her home town of Ketchum, Idaho.

She was the granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway, and was said to be named for the wine, Château Margaux, which her parents, Puck and Jack Hemingway (the son of Ernest), were drinking the night she was conceived. Photo above by Ara Gallant.

The six foot beauty had the fashion world abuzz when she first appeared on the June 1975 cover of Time magazine and then the September '75 cover of American Vogue, which christened her as "New York's New Supermodel". I remember everyone talking about how shocked they were by her dark thick eyebrows (Vogue did lighten them a bit)...which then started a trend.

It wasn't long before Fabergé signed her on as their face for the BABE fragrance and cosmetics line, reportedly with the largest salaried contract of it's day. Covers & photo above from

I soon got my chance to do her makeup on photos by Gary Bernstein for Vogue Italia with Uva one of the top European male models. Once I met her I was pleased to find Margaux to be quite down to earth, very beautiful, and I thought her thick eyebrows suited her face very well. I also was impressed with her modeling style. She didn't so much pose as she did react to what was going on in the moment.

A fixture at Studio 54, a marriage to a maybe not so great guy, Errol Wetson,(he was known as the greasy hamburger heir), an embarrassing movie debut in LIPSTICK, family problems, a string of low budget films, plus an ill-fated second marriage, contributed to her drug & alcohol addiction. I.M.O.

Which all lead, sadly, to her taking an overdose of phenobarbital on July 1, 1996, in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 42, one day before the anniversary of her grandfather's own suicide.

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