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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Catherine Roberts

The beautiful Catherine Roberts and I met when she first arrived in New York from Florida and I was in the early stages of my hair and makeup career. We did our first test together with Gordon Munro.
Catherine was outside the model standard in those days because she was quite tall and curvy. Standing over 5' 10" tall and a size 10-12 dress. But no one could deny her fabulous cheek bones, perfect features and long silky dark hair, making her a very popular model for beauty work. Photo above for Max Factor by Douglas Dubler.

She had a contract for Charles of the Ritz cosmetics, and I'll never forget going past 57 St and Park Ave in a taxi and seeing the huge photographs of Catherine in their windows. I think the photographer Neal Barr shot most of them. Makeup by Way Bandy.

I've been in touch with Catherine recently and she still looks as amazing as ever, proving that beauty, and good bone structure, can be timeless.

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